Ordering the Test

  1. Purchase the Red Drop TK Test by clicking on the links at www.reddrop.com and connecting to www.doseofnature.com
  2. Within 3-5 days, you should receive a kit from Fedex.
  3. You will need to find a location to have your blood drawn at your expense.  For information on locations and how to have your blood drawn, go to www.en-garde.com or call +1 801-607-5096.
  4. After your blood is drawn, the lab will spin down the blood to separate the blood serum.  They will return this to you, which you have to keep refrigerated through ice packs in a cooler.
  5. Place that serum sample in the same container you received in the mail, and return the sample by Fedex overnight back to En Garde Labs.
  6. Once the kit has been received by En Garde Labs, results will generally be emailed to you within 10 business days.

For more detailed process, go to:

Preparation for Having Your Blood Drawn

  1. Identify a location to have your blood drawn in your local area.  En Garde Labs has some locations on their website at www.en-garde.com which you can view. You may try your friendly doctor or nurse or local urgent care facility.  The location will have to be able to draw blood, spin the sample to separate the serum, and draw off the serum to a serum tube which is provided in the kit.  If you have any questions, or need En Garde to help you validate a location, please call +1 801-607-5096 during business hours.
  2. The day before you have your blood drawn, place the freezer gel packs included in the kit in your freezer to allow them adequate time to freeze thoroughly and solidly.
  3. There is no need to fast or special instructions prior to taking the blood test, however you should avoid a heavy, fatty meal before the test, as excess lipids in the blood can affect the TK results slightly.
  4. When you go to have your blood drawn, take the freezer gel packs out and insert them into the shipping box to keep them frozen. Take the kit with you to the blood draw location.
  5. Detailed instructions for how to draw the blood, centrifuge, and separate the serum will be included in the kit, which you can hand to the person drawing the blood for you.
  6. When they are finished processing your blood, they will hand you back a biohazard bag with your serum sample inside.  This should be sealed and your test requisition form placed in the pouch on the back of the biohazard bag.
  7. Place the biohazard bag containing your sample underneath the two gel packs in the thermal shipping box.
  8. Seal the box and place the Return Shipping Label on the outside of the box.  You can call Fedex for a pickup, or drop off at one of their locations.  You can only ship from Monday to Thursday.  It has to arrive in our labs between Tuesday and Friday.
  9. If there is any delay in getting the package shipped the same day or you have your blood drawn on Friday or Saturday, place the gel packs and the biohazard bag in your freezer until you are ready to ship.
  10. In any case, always keep the biohazard bag and sample refrigerated or frozen.  Heat will destroy the active TK in the sample.  Make sure the sample is sent back to our labs overnight mail.

Getting Your Results

  1. When your blood sample is received, it will be consolidated with other samples and sent for processing. Once the samples have arrived at En Garde Labs, results will generally be available within 10 business days.
  2. You will receive an email notifying you of your results.

If for any reason you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call En Garde Labs at +1 801-607-5096 or send us an email here.