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What is TK? Your Ally In Health.

TK or thymidine kinase is a protein common to all cells in your body which go through cell division.  TK is responsible for DNA duplication during cell division and DNA repair.  As cells become damaged, cancerous, multiply and spread rapidly, the levels of TK in your blood increase. Regularly monitoring TK levels in your blood can indicate when cancer is forming, early detection, whether your treatment is working, or give peace of mind when things are normal.

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Knowledge Is Power

The current cancer statistics state that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. The Red Drop TK Test is a simple blood test that offers the clearest, most direct insight into your cellular health and function that can enable cancer prevention, early detection, and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment to significantly improve your chances to avoid or conquer this disease.

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It’s About Time

First, it’s about time that we finally have a simple affordable blood test for early detection and monitoring of cancer. It seems that every time there is news about a breakthrough cancer discovery, the technology is always 5 years away. More importantly, the Red Drop TK Test offers you hope to have TIME – time to be a Mom, Dad, time with your kids and grandkids. Testing and monitoring for cancer prevention and early detection will dramatically increase your chance of having TIME for life’s most precious moments.

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What Does My Score Mean?

Use your TK Score to determine your risk of getting cancer or find cancer early to increase your chances of survival. Use your TK Score to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. If you have had cancer, use the TK Score to determine whether or not your cancer is coming back or if you are still OK. Taking the TK test regularly will give you the best prognostic information available.

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A Wide Range of Cancer Types

The extensive range of scientific publications have documented the correlation of TK levels to 18 major cancer types, in terms of rising levels with cancer progression, decreasing levels with effective treatment, and low levels for those who are normal or in remission, including the majority of the common epithelial cancers.

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A Test You Can Trust

The Red Drop TK test is the Gold Standard for the world.  This highly sensitive and accurate test has been patented in over 40 countries with more pending.  The test is backed by over 30 years of research with hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers published around the world documenting a clear positive correlation of TK activity to a wide range of cancers.

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